Responsive display: Inline-block

How to develop a responsive site which size can be adjusted while the display is still able to maintain its sequence and order, displaying a meaning page without running out of order?

Basically just have to add an attribute in the style of the div tag will do. For the main div, add display:inline-block in style, while the div’s in the main div will have to add float:left in style. While all the UI controls, images, words are in div tag.



An example from below which I have tried:

Normal web page view


Smaller size web page view (mobile)


 The code for above UI: Responsive display Inline-block

Web site for own testing:jsfiddle



A help in sharing how you feel after coming to my blog

Hi All,

I’m just trying to do a simple survey to see where I can improve to make my blog a better one. I do welcome if you have any comment whether good or bad or constructive criticism, please post below in the reply section. It would be better to specify which area can be improve. Thanks.🙂

Last day of the holiday


As I’m musing what is my new job going to be like, how would the job be? how is the working environment? Are the people over there helpful? can I survive? What is my strategy? the journey to workplace is quite far too and will this job affect my study? Is this the right time to move to a new company?  Seem like more and more things were added into my thought. I’m not sure what my future is. How to proceed with my life as I’m already nearly half way through and things are getting tougher. Continue reading

Sending email through store procedure

Database email setup

  • Double click ‘Databse Mail’ to start setup


Create mail configuration

  • select as below


  • key in the profile name and click ‘Add’


  • key in email address and the server ip address


  • add the SMTP email address and server ip address


  • click ‘Next’


  • click ‘Finish’



Store Procedure

Parse in the profile to be use to send email, recipient email, email body message and email subject.



Selecting data from MySql in MSSQL

Setup Link Server

  • right click to add new linked server. Fill in all the appropriate details accordingly. Follow the database name in mysql to be use as data source over here.
  • Provider string: DRIVER={MySQL ODBC 5.3 ANSI Driver};SERVER=ip address;PORT=port number;DATABASE=mt4_demo;USER=username;PASSWORD=password;Option=3


  • test connection and save it.



  • after setup


  • To query the data from the table

select * FROM OPENQUERY(MT4DBDEMONew, ‘SELECT * FROM mt4_trades’)