The new Ubuntu Linux’s – Lucid Lynx

The fourth version of Ubuntu Linux has just gone beta version.  This version is going to break Ubuntu parent’s company, Canonical’s business future.

As Mark Shuttleworth the founder of Canonical and Ubuntu said in a discussion concerning major changes in graphical design, that there is no democracy but rather meritocracies since Ubuntu and many other open source projects including Linux kernel has never been democracies.


Here are some best new features for Ubuntu 10.04:


It has been ages where anyone included a manual in their software. It is certainly true that you can download the manual fro the sites, or digging around in the forum but it is still too troublesome. Most people want less troublesome as possible, early version of manual is available for downlaod in PDF format.

Social by default

Lucid lynx allow user to connect to multiple social networks right from their desktop. A program called Gwibber and MeMenu that support Digg, Facebook, Flickr,, Jaiku, Twitter and RSS feeds.

New Desktop Theme
GNOME 2.28 is still remaining, but the interface has change. Now Canonical is switching to lighter and brighter purple and orange theme to make it more welcoming to users.

Ease of use applications

Canonical has decided to put default software that is ease of use, for burning CD- Brasero ,video editing- PiTiVi. Ubuntu has developed many more software that is ease of use inorder to move on to stronger, full features programs.

Faster boot

They have made it faster from a cold start to a working machine although it is still slower than Fedora. The goal is to reduce the boot time to 10 secondsby using Upstart instead of ancient init daemon for starting boot task and services.

As a summary, a faster Linux that is user friendly to users, and it is also solid to bring Linux to commercial success.

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