My Living

Well lately there are a lot of saints have concern for me asking me where am I, how am I, what am I doing, where am I working and etc.

Here are some answer to these questions:

First of all, I am still fine for my spiritual life. Of course there were some slightly decline compare to the life I have in the training. But I will continue to put myself in the church life, campus life to serve in the Body, grow in life for the building up of the Body of Christ. I enjoy the gospel preaching and bible study with friends and brothers, it  really helps me to be enliven and gain supply by it.

Second, what am I doing? unemployed? I guess is partially incorrect. Though I stay at home most of the times, but I am still working. What do I work as? in short  ‘SE’. Job function is to develop system. I tend to enjoy it but not that much at the moment and to gain working experience.

Third, my resting place, that’s right! – brother’s house. The best place to be preserve and protected. There are ten brothers including me staying in a hood. We have morning revival, corporate pursue and night prayer together.  It is quite enjoyable to blend and build-ed up with brothers that come from different places. Psalm 31.

As an overall, enjoy the church life and be build-ed up with the saints is the best!!! nothing is more precious than this. Praise Him!!


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