Witnessing the lampstand at Kapit

It is a memorial one though it is the third time going to that place which has nothing interesting except the local foods. But what causes me to go, is to witness the lampstand at Kapit which have labor for few weeks, at last, there is the result, the blossoming of a flower.

As Song belong to the city council of Kapit, it belong to Kapit. These places are crowded by the two types of people which are the local one’s and the chinese. The local people where fu chow people called them ‘lak kiang’. Their source of income are very low. Most of their job are tough such as fisherman, hunter, farmer, etc. As they get their paid, they will spend it utterly until the last bit. Buying their necessities, and some entertainment that last for the whole month. Their way of living is very much different from ours and simple, as they wake up in the early morning and go rest early too, approximately eight at night they will light off.

As for the chinese, they are the leeches that suck the money of those local people. By monopolizing the market, selling everything as high as in city area the price. Without any choice, the local people have to buy it which is unfair to them. As an example, getting a normal black and white photocopy of a paper cost 50 cent which is not reasonable. Imagine if it is 50 or 500 copies. They earn a lot. These chinese migrate from different places with one common purpose – business. To those who want to do business, this place can be consider.

This is just the background of the people in these places. Due to everyone is busy in their work, the local people tend to forget about their faith, some did turn to Muslim. As for the chinese, they worship only money.

As the gospel came in, there are some changes toward this situation. With the distribution of some publication, many responded that they have waited for it, longing for it. The publication do strengthen their faith. Some local ones, are willing to reduce their spending to buy the publication, and some are willing spend hours crossing rivers and land to come out from their places to the town to buy it. It is quite touching to witness it. As for chinese, there are emptiness within them to seek for the meaning of human life. This is the brooding of the Spirit to sanctify, worked within each and everyone of them.

As many responses we receive, those response that are good, we will go to pay a visit to them. Establish them with the truth, setting up constant home meeting, and group meeting. Building them with the words of the ministry, perfecting mutually.

At last, saints migrating from other places for the gospel sake. They are the ones that labor much more, continuing the gospel work we have done for months and years steadfastly without any murmuring. It really strike me for their faithfulness and steadfastness in this kind of environment.

With these factors, all things work together for His purpose. With much prayers to open the way for Him to carry out the work. The lampstand start to shine brighter and brighter for His testimonial. It is glorious that there are witnesses standing for Him, witnessing Him. Praise Him for the great work!!

For further reading/ reference: http://ooist.blogspot.com/2010/06/trip-to-sibu-and-kapit.html


5 thoughts on “Witnessing the lampstand at Kapit

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