Move On

Just standing there ain’t doing nothing?
watching you blaming
stop fighting
I know I’m your pry
don’t give me another try
I won’t give you a cry nor a why
I hated it the way you’re so high
you think I’m witless, oh my!

Just because of the incident
you change the way of treating me
To you is not an accident
or just a plot to stole that little bee!
In your mind I have committed a crime
with M-16 accessing the trust company
Shoot me and just let it be
Stop aiming me for falsity
I wont give any for felony
Time will prove it while you’re in your fantasy!

It hurts within me
It chokes within me
And now it bleeds rapidly
But I ain’t care bout your stupidity
and moving on without any sympathy

* Just for sharing


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