Beating the fatso gene?

Get a ripped abs?

Offsetting the inherited risk, the common obesity related gene? Or becoming a chubby mice?

Having such gene does not mean that you’ll get fat. Genes are not the destiny. Rather engaging ourselves in moderate to vigorous exercises daily per hour with a proper healthy diet will help you make a different!

Swimming, running, workouts, any ball games will be consider as moderate to vigorous exercises.

It’s a truth that controlling our food consumption sometimes it can be difficult. But it worth it. Having diets that are higher in protein, lower in carbs will have better control of insulin which is the main hormone that stores body fat. Workouts and sleep is another factor in which you be on your way to have Daniel Craig had-rock physique.

Lately I have spend some time on tennis besides working. I’ve found it an interesting game. Is time to fight for it. I’m sorry that lately I’m not active here. Thank’s Jingle for PM me.


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