Birthday happiness

Once in a year, having being blessed,
outwardly it may seem as usual,
or just a little special,
without cakes nor any candles,
just a simple meal with a big bucket of drink,
with few friends gathered,
and plenty of amigos pouring wishes on you.

Welcoming a new year,
filling it with contagious happiness and a radiating smile,
glowing from within beyond time and space elements,
bringing joy and happiness to others.

Reminisce the passing years,
up’s and down’s has enrich the life,
with memories that can’t be foul up,
who made who you are today.

Happy birthday!


7 thoughts on “Birthday happiness

  1. Well write buddy. I will not forget your birthday. But u know, general rule= guys don’t really celebrate for guys. I feel so gay present u a cake! Come, let’s hv drink sometimes. I still hv a bottle waiting for you.


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