27-11-2010 Saturday

10 min cardio

Bar bench press-medium grip 4 reps  – 10 times – 20kg

Cable crossover 4reps – 15 times – 20kg

Machine preacher curls 4reps – 15times – 8.75kg

Dumbbell alternate bicep curl 4reps – 15times – 5kg each

Wide-grip lat pull down 4reps-15times-20kg

Wide-grip pull down behind the neck 4reps-15times-20kg

Elevated cable row 4reps-15times-20kg

Hanging leg raise 4reps – 4times

Seated leg tucks 2reps – 6times

Flat bench lying leg raise 2reps – 12times

Machine shoulder (military) press 4reps – 15times – 8.75kg

Today I have the best training ever although I did slip and knock myself a little during the bar bench press-medium grip exercise. But overall, it is still worth a day.  I have use the same weight for the whole week, so I try to add a little weight to each exercise to increase my strength. To my surprise, I can feel the ache which i wanted to have. Yea! I have gain some strength….haha


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