7/12/2010 Biceps

7/12/2010 Tuesday

8min cardio

EZ-bar curl 4reps – 15times – 5kg

Alternate hammer curl 4reps – 15times – 5kg each

Alternate incline dumbbell curl 4reps – 15times – 5kg each

concentration curl 4reps – 5times – 5kg each

Machine preacher curl 4reps – 15times – 8.7kg

Crunches 4reps – 10tmies

Just to share:

Arnold Schwarzenneger’s five rules for biceps

  • Variety Switch around using barbells, dumbbells and cables.
  • Isolation Don’t get help from the delts, lower back or other bodyparts when training biceps. Don’t swing the weight (except during chest curls).
  • Full range of motion As this implies, move the weight in a controlled but complete fashion, unless you’re using an intensity movement for a shock session.
  • Find the groove Locate the natural line of motion for each movement.
  • Total concentration Don’t let your mind wander. Always fixate on the movement and the feeling in the muscle.
See the biceps, Be the biceps

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