9/12/2010 Shoulder & lat

9/12/2010 Thursday

30min cardio

Machine shoulder (military) press 4reps – 15times – 4kg each

Seated bent-over rear delt raise 4reps – 15times – 4kg each

Upright bar bell row 4reps – 15times – 4kg each

Wide-grip lat pull down 4reps – 15times – 27kg

Wide-grip pull down behind the neck 4reps – 15times – 27kg

Elevated cable row 4reps – 15times – 27kg

Crunches 4reps – 10times

Lately i feel like eating especially this few days. Arrgghh!! Stop! I want to get lean mass!!


How to get lean mass?

base on Greg Plitt’s interview, I have done my one.

70kg=154 lbs (pounds)

-Static calories needed per day  154 x 11 = 1694 calories

-Active calories will be depend on our body metabolism. There are 3 grades: slow, moderate, and fast.  Slow would be 30,  moderate 40, and fast is 50.

I think I belong to moderate, therefore it would be 45.

-Metabolic grade needed per day would be 154 x 11 x 0.45 = 762.3 calories

-Metabolic grade to maintain the body base on activity level will be 1694 + 762.3 = 2456.3 calories

-Getting nutritious stuff another 500 calories, would  be total 2956.3 calories

-To loose weight , I got to drop 500 calories to 2456.3 calories

-The amount of water needed per day would be 154/2 = 77ounces (2277ml)

* 4 important factors: exercise, diet, water, rest

Here is the video:  Greg Plitt  Part 1 of 5


So, happy mixing. LOLx.


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