As I’m preparing for the youth meeting message, this message do enlighten me about what consecration is. Therefore I would like to share what I touched in this message.

Basis of Consecration

God demand us to consecrate to Him, but why do we need to, what is the basis for us to consecrate to Him?

It is because we all have already been purchase by Him (1 cor 6:20). He has bought us with a price. Now the ownership has turn from ourselves to God Himself. And it is through His blood that we have been redeem back from Satan’s captivity.

Motive of Consecration

What constrains us to consecrate ourselves to Him? It is the love of God (1 cor 5:14-15, rom 12:1). He would cause us to have the motive of love, so that we might consecrate willingly to God. As we have touched the love of God, the constrains of this love will cause us to consecrate. Such consecration will be sweet and intense.

Meaning of Consecration

The meaning of consecration is to be a sacrifice (rom 12:1). A sacrifice is a thing which is set apart for God and laid on the alter, with a change in position and a change in usage. The day we truly consecrate ourselves, our position changed. Formerly we were in our own hands; now we are in the hands of God. Formerly we walked in our own way; now we lie on God’s altar. Such a sacrifice will become food for God and for His satisfaction.

Purpose of Consecration

Such offering is entirely for God, to be used by God and to work for God. But before we can work for God, we need to let Him work. Only when there is the basis of “let”, only then there will have the result of “for”. If we do not allow God to work first, but go out and work for Him, the work and service will be raw, untempered, foul-smelling and never be accepted by God.

Result of Consecration

The result is that we are caused to cut off all our relationships with people, matters, and things especially our future. In the light of the New Testament, the bullock as severed from his master, companions, and corral. After he was consumed by fire, he even lost his original form and stature. All his choicest parts were changed to a sweet smelling savor to God and all that was left was a heap of ashes.

This giving up of the future is not a reluctant act after something has already occurred to wreck your future hopes; it is a willing surrender before such an event. It is not willing till you have lose your job, till you cannot enter college,  or till you failed to obtain a Ph.D. degree, and then give up. It is not this. But it is when a profitable business opportunity awaits you, when an excellent job awaits you, or when a Ph.D. degree awaits you, you willing to give it all up for the Lord’s sake. Even if the entire glory of Egypt is placed before you, you can say to it, “Goodbye, I must go to Canaan”. Perhaps Satan will continue to call you from behind, saying, “Do come back. We have Ph.D. degree here and an Egyptian palace for you. This is a rare opportunity. If at this time you can face him and tell him straightly, “Be gone; these are not my portion”, this then is a true giving up of the future.

For further reference (Experience of life, ch. 3)



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