28/1/2011 Shoulder, Trap & Lat

28/1/2011 Friday

5min cardio

Front dumbbell raise 4sets – 15reps – 5kg each

Power partials 4sets – 15reps – 5kg each

Machine shoulder military press 4sets – 10reps – 20kg

Dumbbell shrug 4sets – 10reps – 12.5kg each

Smith machine shrug 4sets – 10reps – 60kg

Supported pullups 4sets – 7reps

Lying T-bar row 8sets – 10reps – 20kg

1 month has past, is entering into 5th month of my training. I can see a little difference but not much until it is obvious but got to continue the workout. This month I have skip few days of my training session which i think it affects my training. lol. Next month no more off!


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