13/4/2011 Quadricep, Calves & Hamstring

13/4/2011 Wednesday

15 mins cardio

Narrow stance hack squats 5sets – 15reps – 20kg

Leg extension 5sets –  12reps – 39kg, 45kg

Smith machine squat 5sets – 15reps – 30kg

Seated leg curl 4sets – 12reps – 36kg, 41kg

Seated calf raise 4sets – 15reps – 25kg

7th month in the gym. The exercises the scared me to death is today’s exercises (nightmare). Presently, I still can’t face it on my own, and I need a helper to support me during those monstrous activities. Without the help of an assistant, I think I would injured myself. Haha.


2 thoughts on “13/4/2011 Quadricep, Calves & Hamstring

  1. Like ur post here! Recently join gym quite enjoy.

    15 mins cardio seems like not enough to loss weight. My trainer said at least need to do for 45 mins for cardio 🙂 After that walkout for few machines.


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