Safra Run Marathon 10km

As Singapore is well known for its marathon, everyone craze for it. I’m not sure what’s the reason behind that but it is quite interesting to try once. So I registered for 10km category with a few bros. Personally, I’m not  the one who like to run, honestly, I would rather prefer other sports than running. Any way, I’ve registered and participated.

This is the first time I participated in a marathon. What worried me the most before the event is that I may fain during the half way. But it turn out better than during the training session. I dont have a good stamina, and may run out of breath. I have to improve on this aspect in order to go for another challenge.

On that day we were late to run. We started 20 min after the gun time. It is quite tired when running the first few km. after that, I think I’m numb for my lower part of my body. Just have to struggle to overcome it and go on.

Finishing the course is the best thing. Although is far behind from other contestants, but is still a sense of happiness, satisfaction that I can complete this thing! All tiredness have disappear, but fill with joy.
Lastly, through this event, I’m able to know my own limits and train for more advance challenges.There are lot of aspects need to be improve. But with this experience, it can encourage me continue to improve. Is a wonderful experience.








Below is my ranking   >.<



my cert





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