First semester of MBA is over!!

I do not know how to start to express my feelings in regard to my study even though it just pass through a few months of a two years journey. But I think it is a good idea to write down my experience which is new for me. It is an interesting and unique experience for me.

I remember that on the first day to the class which is the orientation day, I was very nervous, wondering how difficult the course will be as “MBA” sounds so high which I cant achieve easily or rather more suitable for experience executives/managers. Figuring out did I made a mistake in taking up this decision. Of course I have my own reason to pursue this course, may be I’ll share in later post. Anyway so here I am, in the class with a group of unknown and different age group of people who pursue the same course. They are smart, professional and experience in each respective field. These people are from engineering, human resource, architect, legal, finance, accounting, supply chain, operation, management, compliance, sales and marketing and IT background. It is interesting to know these people as they have different ideas and suggestions from different perspective that make the class interesting, broaden the way of viewing on a single matter from different point of view. It is nice to be with them as they will encourage and help one another in study or work life, and gradually my fear were reduce and have confidence to go on with them in this few months.

The lecture class were intensive and it is challenging to absorb all the stuff in that few days. Assignments were also challenging as it is a team work rather than an individual task. So group members come into place where coordination and commitment to work on each allocated part were needed in order that the work be done complete on schedule so that other assignments would be carried out following after that as planned. Argument and dissatisfaction do exist as different opinions, characteristics and leadership style to lead and complete an assignment. However, it is a good time to learn to mange dispute and come to find a common understanding which fit best to all.  As time pass, the understanding toward each members were improve, and it will be easier to move as one in completing a task.

MPIO revision
MPIO revision

Exam, the nightmare that haunted everyone as no one had taken any exam for the past few years.  However this would never defeat us as everyone will still spend time to discuss and revise the subjects together, helping one another especially  in the weaker areas.

I think that throughout this semester, it is fun and interesting regardless in class or in group as I gain more knowledge and soft-skills which helps me in my future career progression. I do look forward for coming semester to meet new challenges. So for now here is the end for first semester. Let’s have a good break!!


2 thoughts on “First semester of MBA is over!!

  1. So happy for you finish MBA first semester. Lord be with u. It is our choices, that show us what we truly are, far more than our abilities.


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