Last day of the holiday


As I’m musing what is my new job going to be like, how would the job be? how is the working environment? Are the people over there helpful? can I survive? What is my strategy? the journey to workplace is quite far too and will this job affect my study? Is this the right time to move to a new company?  Seem like more and more things were added into my thought. I’m not sure what my future is. How to proceed with my life as I’m already nearly half way through and things are getting tougher.

I have just finish my second semester of my MBA, currently proceeding to my third semester where I am required to do my thesis with my teammates. One year will be given to complete the task. I hope the project will be submitted on time in a team effort. Currently, there are some topics in my mind which can be use for the project. But however, many more research have to be done to confirm it. Discussion with the team to work out together, will be faster and efficient. I am looking forward to this to finish it as soon as possible.

As I’m still waiting for the results, I feel that I have done badly for the previous semester even though I have done my best. I hope I can pass the exam. As I still remember the schedule were packed whereby assignments were given one after another and lastly follow by exam as if there were not much time to take a break or prepare for the exam.

A bad thing had happen too. All my expensive stuff were stolen. Makes me so angry and frustrated at the beginning. May be I’m like the Character in the bible name Job where Jehovah strip all that he has to teach him a lesson. Well nothing I can do now but to accept it. Thank God at least I’m not injure. May be will get back my stuff in the later time.

Spending time with family just help to forget those bitter situation. The precious moments were taken and kept in heart which were not able to rewind again. Good things remain and bad one remove. Is happy to be with them although is tired, be the guardian of the little ones. But talking and seeing their action just cant keep away the laughter. Miss you guys.

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Although is a short holiday, it is worth it. I guess I just have to lay aside the past and proceed with a new start. I’m ready to face the new challenge. Yeah!


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