Basic Meeting Bot

I just created a simple room booking console app platform with ApiAi NLP. Room booking appointment will be added to the Outlook365 calendar after the appointment was done. There is still room for better improvement.


I’m using ApiAiSDK which you can get from GitHub.

Setup in Dialogflow:

        1. Create a new Agent
        2. Create a new Intents
          I have added room.reservation intent. In the action, parameters were set to capture the require info for room booking.intentsagentagent2
        3. Create Entities for the Intent
          Define the @Rooms entities by listing all the rooms available.entities

Code in C#:

Ensure that AIConfiguration & ApiAi is declared once for the entire flow else it will loss context as session Id will change if it re-declare again.


In the main function: Accept input value and display the response.



Method to submit to ApiAI:



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