Querying a stylized list with dynatable

 Example to query a table for a certain value:

query from dynamic generated drop down list from the array of objects.

	var dyna = $j('#serverDetails')
		dataset: {
			records: window.xData, //array of objects
			perPageDefault: 20
		features: {
			paginate: true,
			sort: true,
			pushState: false, //must be false if not got error
			search: false,
			recordCount: true,
			perPageSelect: true

var strOption = '';
	if(!_.isNullOrEmpty(window.xData)) {
		for(var ii = 0; ii < window.xData.length; ii++) {
			var xObj = window.xData[ii];
			strOption += _.fmt(<option>{0}</option>'), xObj.ref_key);
	var ddl = '<span style="padding-left:10px;">'+strOption +'</span>';
	$j('#hostname').change( function() {
	  var value = $j("#hostname :selected").text();
	  if (value === "") {
	  } else {

<select id="hostname" name="ref_key">

Html drop down list generated dynamically:

  • Take note of below 2 steps:
  1. Just put in the DDL name ‘ref_key’ to query: dyna.queries.add(“ref_key”,value);
  2. Refer above to setup the dynatable to query

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