Hi! I am Seek Weng. I’m from Singapore. I’m an application developer. I develop stand alone programs, websites and crystal reports. I had been expose with a few technologies which include php, VB.net, C#, linq, JQuery, nhibernate, spring framework, MSSQL, MySQL and c# mvc. I have few years in developing and enhancing systems for semiconductor firm and financial service firm. I will share some of my learning and solutions which I have encounter in my day to day job. I also do freelance projects for individual/company. I will give you reasonable price base on your requirements provided. Further explanation will be here.

With my existing IT skills, I do know some of the digital marketing skills too. I will post what I have learned here to share my thoughts and methods. Feel free to give me advice as I am open to learn new ways in doing internet marketing business.

I welcome all new and experienced bloggers to my blog. I will share my knowledge here to help everyone on this blog. Hope this blog will be useful to you. Enjoy!!


Me and my wife at Puteri Harbour (Johor)



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