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Hi! Welcome.

I am an application developer whose career include developing programs, websites and crystal reports. I had been expose with a few technologies include php, VB.net, C#, linq, JQuery, nhibernate, spring framework and c# mvc. I have few years where I develop and enhance systems for semiconductor firm and currently I am involve in system development for financial service firm. Hence the data shown in my example is just for testing and explanation purposes.

Besides that, I’m currently pursuing my part time MBA in align with my work. It is challenging to balance my work life and my study life. I would like to learn new things besides related to my own expertise. So here I am in a business school, absorbing new knowledge and facing new challenges. I wonder what can I do with this in the future. So if you have any advice or job opportunities, please feel free to give me your five cents of advice, I will appreciate that very much!

Ah hobbies…I have many hobbies! I read, I write, I play, I listen and I sing! I like to express my thought in words, record what I’ve learn as life pass through or things that fascinates me along the way. So blogging kinda meet my needs. I do snap for nice scenery too! get along with me to view some of my collections.

I am also providing freelance services. I am available to receive any web-base projects which include online e-commerce website, server hosting, domain acquire, search engine optimization, google analytics for customer relationship management, setting up google ad-sense for pay per click and online marketing in Facebook, google ad-words, etc.


Feel free to contact me at any time. I’m happy to meet new ones!

Thanks for Visiting! 🙂

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