Sorting An Array of Objects

Example to sort array below using name property: Below will be the methods to sort Asc/ Desc: To call the method:

How to convert an array of key-value tuples into an object

An array of many sub arrays. Converting each sub array into an object:

Distinct an array of objects using JavaScript

I have an array of objects where I wanted make a list of array which is unique while at the same time adding different values to sub property into the distinct object. Example below is an array of a mixture of folders and files, together with it are it details include used size, access users …

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How to POST an array of objects with $.ajax

Base on earlier post which I talk about JSON. Here is the application part. Imagine you have an array of objects from client side need post back to server side for processing. JSON.stringify can do the trick of sending the array back to server side. Remember to put it before sending it.