10/2/2011 Chest, Triceps & Abs

10/2/2011 Thursday

30min cardio

Dumbbell bench press 4sets – 10reps – 10kg each, 12.5kg each

Dumbbell flyes 4sets – 10reps – 7.5kg each, 10kg each

Smith machine decline bench press 4sets – 10reps – 0kg, 2.5kg

Cable crossover 4sets – 10reps – 9kg each, 13.5kg each

Dips – Chest version 5sets – 6reps

Dips – Triceps version 5sets – 6reps

Dips machine 8sets – 15reps, 20reps, 25reps – 70kg

Abs crunches machine 4sets – 10reps – 60kg

1st day for the fifth month after one week of holiday. Is like starting from the beginning again. As my trainer told me just to break through it for the first day, then the strength will revive again. lol. Although it is tough, but is the first day. Tomorrow let’s see how is it.