11/2/2011 Biceps & Forearm

11/2/2011 Friday

30 min cardio

Alternate incline dumbbell curl 4sets – 10reps – 5kg each

EZ-bar curl 4sets – 10reps – 5kg

Preacher curl 5sets – 10reps – 5kg

Seated dumbbell palms-up wrist curl 4sets – 15reps

Seated dumbbell palms-down wrist curl 4sets – 15reps


I feel that I have gain back some stamina. Today’s cardio  remain constant around 110 strides per minute. lol.

1/12/2010 Biceps

1/12/2010 Wednesday

8min cardio

Alternate incline hmmer curl 5reps – 15times – 3kg each

Dumbbell alternate bicep curl 4reps – 15times – 8kg each

EZ-bar curl 4reps – 15times – 0kg       =.=!

Machine preacher curls 4reps – 15times – 17.5kg

Although the way of training has change to be more specific everyday, but I’m still an amatuer  =.=! sigh….even a skinny indian guy can lift up a dumbbell that is heavier than me!! But it is okay because I am confident with the weight and the technique I am using. When the right time comes, I will change.

3rd month of my training.