13/4/2011 Quadricep, Calves & Hamstring

13/4/2011 Wednesday

15 mins cardio

Narrow stance hack squats 5sets – 15reps – 20kg

Leg extension 5sets –  12reps – 39kg, 45kg

Smith machine squat 5sets – 15reps – 30kg

Seated leg curl 4sets – 12reps – 36kg, 41kg

Seated calf raise 4sets – 15reps – 25kg

7th month in the gym. The exercises the scared me to death is today’s exercises (nightmare). Presently, I still can’t face it on my own, and I need a helper to support me during those monstrous activities. Without the help of an assistant, I think I would injured myself. Haha.


14/1/2011 Quadricep & claves & Hamstring

14/1/2011 Friday

no cardio (curi ayam)

Narrow stance hack squats 5sets – 10reps – 20kg, 50kg

Leg extension 5sets – 10reps – 27kg, 36kg

Smith machine squat 4sets – 10reps – 20kg, 30kg

Seated leg curl 4sets – 10reps – 36kg, 41kg

Seated calf raise 4sets – 10reps – 20kg, 30kg

Crunches 4sets – 15reps


wanna vomit, tired.

16/12 2010 Quadriceps & Calves

16/12/2010 Thursday

10min cardio

Narrow stance hack squat 4reps – 15times, 10times – 20kg, 30kg

Leg extension 4reps – 15times, 12times – 27kg, 32.2kg

Seated leg curl 4reps – 15times – 32kg

Smith machine squat 4reps – 15times,10times – 20kg, 30kg

Narrow stance hack calf raises 4reps – 15times, 10times – 20kg,30kg

Crunches 4reps – 10times

I cant stand the nightmare. But to my surprise, the weight previously I use, today my leg no longer shaking. I think I need to add some to it. next round. Today I realized that the more I face it, the more I will become stronger! But I still feel like vomiting. -.-